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WHO WOULD BE RESPONABLE????? Good-Morning; a house that was Rented, and the tenant had housing assistance section 8 WHO/wHY?

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Good-Morning; if a house that was rented and the tenant had housing assistance section 8. I rented a house 9 1/2 years ago in 2005 or 2006 a enrgy assistance program came in a weatherition the house. years later tenant goes back to her doctor who she has been seeing for skin problems from 2006 to 2012 and her dcotor says that his medical option is that " I believe your medical problems are from your enviorment were you are living." tenant goes home asks her landlord if he would have the water, house inspected by a independant rdetired EPA specialist to find out what could be the problem. 5 days after the inspector comes to the house, he emails us the results and they are alarming to the landlord and Tenant However,in 2002 the housing program,came out inspected and passed the house 100%,

i want to know if the Landlord is Responable, or the Housing dept, andf or the people who contacTED THE WEATHERZATION out? or the Who is the perosn responsiable and Why???

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If your problem is a medical one related to the house environment, then contact a personal injury lawyer for a consultation.

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I apoligies for the story and how it came out. I was kinda of worried. I was informed by an insurance adjuster and from my research i have done that in Idaho if the property (house) is structure is defective strike liablity fall on the landlord. to make it even better, is that the structure was not even up to idaho code. I have 100% proof and tape recording of the land lord apoligies to me that the rental he owned was not up to Idaho Code and the housing inspectors pass the house every year for 9 1.2 years. they bever checked the attic and when they inspected the rental. they did spot checks and they would always say to me" your landlord is a nice guy" however when they found out that the house was not even up to idaho code they all are pointing fingers at each other. whatever, I say" now the insurance company Safeco, is freaking out becasue my son had to have surgury and was unable to breath due to the long term exposure we all had to suffer through. I had micro toxin in my blood and my daught was effecticed also. I need to find a hard $$ss attorney, who will settle this case with the insurace company. The insurance comapny wanted me to submit a detailed list of property we had to take to the dump and was not saveable. I have detailed documentation from 2 doctors that found the cause and informed me that it was enviormental, meaning it was in my house or outside my house. even the mold inspector and there were 2 different ones come out and gove m copys of everything and told me that I need to find a really good lawyer, because they felt and saw the amount of Toxic mold in the attic were there were no vents at all. I have submitted a spreadsheet for 170.000.00 just for proerty and very little medical. if you know of an attorney who will help me with the insurance company so I do not get railroaded by them. i couldnt thank you enough. I have gathered all evidence and labled each section for the attorney i hire. I also am collecting medical records as we speak. if you know a friend who you know who does personal injury I would beable to pay at least 3000.00 at the end of august and then the attorney could take a 32% fee for when the insurance pays out. You see, I have spoke to 3 independant insurace adjustors and they all three said that SafeCo, is freaking out because the last Toxic mold case they lost cost them 15 million dollars die to simualr reasons and long term expousure. a lady from legal aide Zoe Ann Olsen is helping me, however, she told me that I have a solid case, because of the evidnance I have collected and recorded the landlord on tape admitting fault. all I want is my property back and to beable to get back on my feet again. i am a up standing citizen who was injured due to i agency not doing there job and a landlord who failed to have the rental up to code. if you can help me soon, please email me a name and email address. I let the attorney know that I understand how case work and I will stay out of the way and not bother him or her unless asked. I just want my health back and my money, property lost. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I know you lawyers are thinking of clients rather then giving legal adivice at night on a weekend. and if you have any points for me please share with me. I am a fighter and I will take this all the way and I will do this myself if i have too. or at least try anyway.... No disrespect toward you or any other lawyer. I just feel strongly about this case. Michele H Boise, idaho

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