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Who will help the US District courts to enforce I-864, to move it faster? Complaint, ex-parte motions, motions, orders were

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filed in Federal court on August 27, 2012 but nothing was done – I did not receive back Summons or the order to proceed in forma pauperis? Waiting since 1992 STOLEN LIFE TORT by locals who stopped it now. Defendant was served by me on September 29, 2012 although I did not have to serve him as I am in forma pauperis. I did all the work to assist the courts, made it very easy for them as all laws are cited in the complaint. Attorney's fees award: underlying obligation contains an attorney fee provision. How to change the judges? #lawyer #attorney

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I-864 is an affidavit of support for immigration purposes... Not sure what you are asking. Sounds like you need a local attorney to help you with so many issues.

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Asking to enforce the affidavit of support. It is a federal contract - something like Mel Gibson - Oksana case when 41 attorney's were working at no cost for her.