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Who we should sue for water damage from our neighbor?

Cupertino, CA |

Our neighbor water damaged to my kitchen。 They admitted it was their fault. However our neighbor and their insurance company refused to pay our damage. Who we should sue? My neighbor or their insurance? thanks, Jessica

We made a claim with our insurance company. However, my insurance only cover part of floor and and part of the wall on the dinner room . Because the main damage wall of kitchen side had molds, our insurance also refused to cover that part. We are decide to sue our neighbor, What Kind of Lawyer do I need? There are wide variety of types lawyers. Thanks again. Jessica

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You should sue the neighbor... their insurance company didn't damage your kitchen.

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Have you made a claim with your insurance company? Contact them and submit a claim. Let the insurance companies work it out. In the mean time, you can have the repairs made once your insurance company takes a look at the damage.