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Who to contact, what action to take? Please help me help a friend.

Auburn, WA |

My friend recently told me that her employer had checked her documents at work, he found out she's illegally working. He decided to keep her and pay her under the table, but now he's taking advantage of her situation. He now makes her do double the work, she's a housekeeper at a hotel. He gives her double the amount of rooms to clean, makes her do maintenance work, he doesn't even pay her the minimum wage sometimes he doesn't pay her all her hours only some of them and when she asks about her missing hours he'll simply say she doesn't even have the rights to work or be in this country. She came to me for help. I wish I knew what to do, who to call but I dont. I feel very bad for her. I told her to quit but that's not an option she has 3 kids she needs to provide for. Please help!

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Unfortunately there are no easy answers to the dilemma your friend is facing. There are many low or no fee immigrant legal clinics, and I am sure there is one in the WA area that caters to her country of origin, or will advise her. Good luck.

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Most federal and state labor laws do not discriminate with regard to immigration status.

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This situation is complicated as your friend does not have legal status and may fear that her boss will retaliate against her. As others have suggested she should try a legal clinic.

I know of one clinic in WA but I'm not sure they handle the type of issue that your friend is facing. Maybe they know of an organization that does? Here is their link:

Mario Manuel Cava

Mario Manuel Cava


I recommend that you contact this organization: If they aren't able to help you directly, they may be able to refer you to the right attorney. There are a number of resources in Washington State that can assist with these types of issues. The key is finding the right link to services.


Perhaps it would be possible for your friend to get permission from the Immigration and Naturalization Service to live and work in the USA, or maybe she should try to find employment elsewhere.

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