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Who should really be accused of a hate crime.

Milwaukee, WI |

My neighbor and six of his mexican friends/family members beat my husband up and they are trying to charge us with a hate crime because the neighbors girlfriend was pushed down by my husband and she is alleging racial slurs from past summer and earlier. this all stemmed from them coming on our property and my husband telling them to leave.

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Has your husband pressed charges?

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he tried to but the police only issued tickets to him and his fiance/girlfriend, him for hitting my husband and her for hitting me. My husband also got one because she said he (my husband) hit her when in actuallity he pushed her and she fell and I guess broke her wrist. they wouldn't even take pictures of my husbands injury. His eye was swollen shut. She had a temp restraining order put on my husband and the next day she came down her driveway yelling at me when I was taking my children to school so I went and filed a restraining order against her. Yesterday a police officer stopped over and said that the fbi may get involved because she is saying it is a hate crime. She works for some spanish community outreach place. I think what they did is the hate crime!


This sounds more like a matter for a Criminal Defense specialist than a personal injury lawyer. If you want to pursue a civil case, you probably have a right to do so. Hire a lawyer and have him sue these bullies for civil battery. It will cost money, but when judgment is taken, it is sure to back them off to have their wages garnished. I know a good firm in Milwaukee that refers cases to me in Illinois. They are on the 3700 block of Wisconsin Avenue: Weigel, Carlson, Blau & Clemens - 414-342-1000. Ask for Dave Blau.

In the meantime, go to the police and report what's happening. See the local District Attorney and make a complaint.

Good luck if you don't.

Donald Nathan

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