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Who should or will end up paying for the rental car damage?

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I was driving a hertz rental car and was hit by another driver from the back while at red light. The driver was at fault but had no insurance. I rented the car using my amex which said it would cover for collision damage. Filed a claim with amex who said "insured for Automobile Liability under a Texas Auto Policy. Accordingly, you will need to submit a claim with your personal automobile insurance carrier. our coverage is in excess of any other applicable insurance coverage . Furthermore, Texas Auto Policies should provide coverage under the Auto Liability section of your policy and no deductible would apply"

I do not own a car but live in texas so have non owner auto liability insurance. At time of rental declined coverage cause of credit card. M confused who should be paying here?

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Submit the claim to your insurance company. When they deny the claim (which I think they will), send a copy of the denial letter the amex and tell them to pay. If they are excess, they become primary once the primary carrier denies the claim. Good luck,

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Mr. Moore's suggestion should work for you. Also make sure that you did not purchase collision coverage from Hertz.

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Then put the claim in with your insurance company, and when you get the denial letter, send it to AMEX


You need to submit the claim to your insurance company - if they cover it problem solved, if they do not send the denial letter to AMEX and they should then be "in excess" of any other applicable coverage.

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Call AMEX and tell them that you owned no car at the time of the accident and, therefore, had no personal auto insurance policy. If they don't change their tune, send a certified letter stating the same thing and requesting a response in writing within 15 business days. If they response is still a denial, take it to a personal injury lawyer who handles insurance bad faith claims.

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