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Who represents me? I was a victim of battery. I want to sue him in civil court too

Atlanta, GA |

I was on my 6 th. date with him when he got mad and knocked me off the sofa and continued to beat me ..he took his fist and slammed my head into the wall. Sunday night he assaulted and beat his ex girlfriend . Now a second arrest in less than three weeks..back to back warrants.

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Besides any criminal charges you can hire an attorney to file a civil suit for damages for a tort. Contact an attorney that specializes in these types of claims - assault, battery and other damages

This is not intended to create an attorney client relationship and none is to be implied either. You must contact an attorney and present all facts before you can and should act on this response


The local prosecutor represents you in the criminal case. If you want to bring a civil claim you should discuss that with a local attorney.

Under the rules governing the conduct of attorneys in New York it may be necessary to remind you that this answer could be considered attorney advertising.


Civil court will require that you retain an attorney to represent you or that you represent yourself. If you mean that you want to get a protective order against him and you are in Fulton County, you can go to the Fulton County Courthouse and go to the One Stop office. They help pro se litigants complete the documents required to get a protective order and can walk you through the process. If you mean that you want to sue him for damages of some sort, you should retain an attorney to help you.


You can sue him in civil court for damages for assault and battery. Those damages can include your doctor bills and pain and suffering. For such a civil suit you would have to retain your own lawyer. In the criminal case, the prosecutors for the State of Georgia represent your interest as the victim in the crime. However, note that they do not represent you per se. You have the right to input into the case, such as what sentence to recommend, but they will make the decisions. Moreover, you can only get restitution for medical bills and lost wages, etc. You cannot get damages for pain and suffering, etc. Most cases like this are resolved in criminal court without a civil suit. However, if there are substantial injuries with good medical documentation, etc., and a defendant that has the ability to pay a substantial sum of money toward a judgement or settlement, then it would be feasible to bring a civil suit as well. You would need a lawyer to represent you for that. Good Luck.