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Who notifies the creditors of my bankruptcy filings? is it the trusties or do I have to do it?

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who notifies the creditors of my bankruptcy filings? is it the trusties or do I have to do it?

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You list your creditors on your petition, and the court sends out notices. You don't do it unless you add creditors later, after the initial filing of the petition.

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The Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court will notify all of the creditors that you have listed in your Schedules. There is a Creditor Matrix that must be fored with the Petition and Schedules that the Clerk will use to notify the creditors by mail.


Notices are generated electronically from the "mailing matrix" filed with the bankruptcy petition. The paper notices are prepared and mailed from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center in Virginia. Some circumstances during the pendency of the case require the debtor to issue notice and certify that service to the court. That would be one more excellent reason to take care to retain the assistance of competent and experienced bankrtupcy counsel.

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The bankruptcy court will send out notifications from your mailing matrix.


The Bankruptcy court sends notices to creditors based upon the list of creditors contained in the bankruptcy schedules (the credtor matrix). If you have to amend your schedules to include a creditor that was omitted in the original filing it is your duty to send the notice to that creditor.