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Who knows the deadline to register a property in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, CA |

On the registration form itself issued by the city of Los Angeles it states the deadline to register a property or claim an exemption for a property in order to collect rents is by the 1st day of February. HOWEVER, I also read in their official published online material that a property owner has until the last day of February to register in order to avoid any penalties. My ? is what is the correct date and if I miss the 02/01 date does this mean I have to wait another year b4 getting the certificate of registration?

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Honestly, if you don't find someone here that is experienced in Los Angeles real estate law, I'd advise that you call the phone number for the agency that you are asking about. It might be advisable to just file the form now, since you've missed 2/1 already, and you don't want to miss the other possible date.

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