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Who is the owner or management of Walmart vision center in Roseville off Gratiot and 12 mile road

Roseville, MI |

in Roseville off Gratiot and 12 mile ..My husband and I were given glasses we are not able to use. The ladies that work there just told us this kind of thing happens. That we should forgive and forget. The insurance paid them plenty and my husband paid $295.00 for glasses that are setting in a drawer now. He' wants to know what we should do.

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Call the Walmart store and ask for the manager of the store..and ask! If he/she does not give you the information .. get new glasses and sue them for the cost.

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I did and the alleged manager told me Walmart vision center does not belong to Walmart. It's a separate corporation they just do exams there. I believe I told you it was Walmart in Roseville MI 48066..

James T. Weiner

James T. Weiner


Yes but there is no listing in the State of Michigan's website for "walmart vision center" (as a corporation or limited liablity company) so call again and ask for the exact name of the entity providing the eye exam service. If they will not give you the information allege that you will have no choice but to file suit against walmart. Also call directly to the vision center and ask who is the optomitrist.. or your perscription records should that indicate who did the exam and sue him/her personally -- they have professional liablity. If it is truely "Walmart Vision Center".. check with Macomb County clerk and see if someone has an assumed name filed under that name. Before you sue write a letter to Walmart and send 2 copies (keep copy for yourself). one to walmart management and 1 to the vision center.. at the same address tell them exactly what is wrong with the glasses and that if you do not get satisifaction you will get new ones elsewhere and sue them for the cost. Then if they do not respond do exactly that .. get new glasses and sue them for the cost in small claims..

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