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Who is responsible of fixing foundation, structure and roof before signing lease

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It is part of the negotiation. Be sure you get the responsibility clarified in writing BEFORE signing.

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I agree to an extent with the previous attorney responding to your post. You will be able to find out by reviewing the lease agreement. Read it before signing it. Many facilities make the tenant responsible for things that occur after signing. I would suggest that you have an inspection person to look at these things. If some need work or replacement, I would discuss how these items will be corrected with the proposed Landlord.

You might want to consult with real estate attorney or agent to help you with the lease before entering into the agreement.

Good luck!

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Generally speaking, in a commercial lease of a structure -- the lessor (property owner) is responsible for the foundation, walls, and the roof from start to finish of the lease term. Those are often the only things the lessor is willing to be responsible for.

This is subject to negotiation.

The question suggests there will be significant value from seeing a lawyer with commercial lease experience. It is rare for the broker/agent to be an effective person in the negotiations -- they may be in this example but it is rare.

Please avoid a deal that does not clearly serve your best interests. The grief alone from the litigation is material.

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