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Who is responsible for theft and damages to employees vehicles on property leased by the employer?

Tupelo, MS |

I work for a company in tupelo Ms and they lease a building from a private individual. The issue we have is numerous incidents of damage to vehicles has occurred from dings by car doors opening, getting keyed, tires slashed, & alot of theft from vehicles. Our employer claims it is public property and they cannot be held accountable for this yet they have vehicles towed for parking improperly & they write up and fire people for things said and done on the same parking lot. Who is liable for damages and theft here? Most anyone who questions the companies liability here has been terminated shortly after,wouldn't this constitute retaliating for seeking legal restitution?

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Responsibility resides with the criminal that does the damage. The company (general rule) does not authorize criminal damage and cannot be held vicariously liable for the criminal conduct of third parties.

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