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Who is responsible for my car that was total by a tow truck company, my insurance or the tow truck insurance?

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My car was parked. I was not present but from the police report and witnesses the tow truck was towing a bus up the hill, and the bus broke off from the truck and roll down the hill plowing into my car totaling it. My car is sitting in a junk yard now my insurance is acting like they dont want to do anything, and am not hearing from the tow truck company. My car was fully paid for. What can I do? Will they replace my car or give me the complete value of the car? Should I sue. I had full coverage insurance on the car.

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Both insurance companies will do their investigation to determine who was at fault. If you do not want to wait on the tow truck company then if you had collision coverage you can have your company repair or total out (whichever it may be) your vehicle minus your deductible. Your company will go after the tow truck company to be reimbursed and once they get that money they can give you back your deductible. If you do not want to go that route, continue to contact the insurance company and request they get someone out to estimate your car damage. You do have a duty to mitigate your damages, so if you leave your vehicle in the tow yard for too long, you could get stuck paying part of the bill.

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You are entitled to recover from either insurance company. If you go through your own insurance company they will repair your car or determine that it is a total loss. Either way you are responsible for your deductible. Your company will go after the tow truck company to be reimbursed and once they get that money they can give you back your deductible. Otherwise you can contact the insurance company for the tow truck and request they get someone out to estimate your car damage. They are permitted to investigate and determine fault before agreeing to pay.

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The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The towing company's insurance should pay; however, I am not surprised they are dragging it out. You should call them repeatedly until they relent. Alternatively, turn the claim over to your insurer and let them deal with it for you. Either way, if the delay goes on long enough, you should considered hiring local counsel to assist you.

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Your insurance company should pay you for the value of your vehicle and then
it can go after the tow company. Go on line and gather information
supporting the value of your vehicle to submit to the insurance company.

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Go after both and let them figure it out. You just need to be reimbursed. Yes?

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A local accident attorney should be able to advise you. There is a car accident claim against the tow company. There is also a claim against your insurance for failure to provide coverage. Finally, there is the issue of your damages for your property, loss of use, rental, and any other allowable damage. Call an attorney and discuss the law of your state with them.


Have a local lawyer in your city negotiate a larger amount.


There are a variety of issues at hand because your insurance company is failing to act on your behalf and you have a claim against the tow company's insurance. All this being said, I would strongly recommend that you hire a local attorney to review your case and advise you further. There are countless attorneys here on Avvo that would be more than wiling to assist you in your case. Best of luck.