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Who is responsible for condo noise coming from garage?

Ann Arbor, MI |

I recently moved into a condo unit that has living space above my neighbor's garage. It is becoming a problem as the noise from his garage door is waking me up around 6am each morning. I plan to approach my neighbor soon, but am wondering what to do if the problem continues. Is the condo association responsible in any way for helping ensure a quiet living environment at this hour? My neighbor is not leaving with his vehicle, he is just opening/closing multiple times. I hope he is sympathetic, but no guarantee. The garage is a "limited common element" in the master deed. Ideally I would love to put in a new, quieter belt-drive opener for my neighbor, but simply can't afford that on my own. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.

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Probably not. Just talk with your neighbor nicely. If that doesn't work, maybe going to bed earlier and adjusting your hours.

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Your approach and ideas are good ones. There are probably no hard and fast answers here. The key will be to be reasonable, calm, and yet determined. Surely, a part of the condo agreements is to keep reasonable quiet, so, assuming your neighbor is doing nothing unusual, it does make sense for the condo association to do something here. Get the condo board on your side. Don't expect fast miracles. Go slowly, make friends, and hope for the best. Good Luck.

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