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Who is responsible (Landlord or Tenant) for electricity meter or circuit in a Texas commercial lease?

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The lease says "Notice: Tenant should determine if all necessary utilities are available to the leased premises and are
adequate for Tenant's intended use." and "Tenant must satisfy itself that the
leased premises may be used as Tenant intends by independently investigating all matters related to the use of the leased premises or Property. Tenant agrees that it is not relying on any warranty or representation made by Landlord, Landlord's agent, or any broker concerning the use of the leased premises or Property."

The building doesn't have electricity meters/circuits through which electricity may be turned on. Lease is signed. who should bare the cost of making it so electricity can be turned on?

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The answer probably lies in another provision in the lease. Also, it would be important to understand the leased premises. For instance, it would be important to know if utilities are at the site and currently (or previously) been used. If this is a multi-tenant building, then you may not have individual meters. More facts are needed.

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You should have a real estate attorney review the lease to determine if there are any other provisions that apply to the utility issues.