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Who is liable in a three car collision in the state of texas? Also, worst case scenario?

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A car a good distance away from mine braked since the car in front did a fast brake, I was a good distance away going about 35-40mph but, when I hit the brakes the car slid a few feet and hit the middle vehicle, causing that vehicle to hit another. There was scuffed paint on the middle car and literally NO damage on the very front car, my car has chipped paint but, no body damage on any of the vehicles. What is the worst case scenario? Also, no one was injured. Woman in the middle vehicle may try to claim injury on her child but, when I asked they said they were both fine.

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This happens all the time. Simply report this to your insurance company to resolve. If you get sued, your insurance company will defend.

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A lot of these situations turn into he said she said instances. Turn this over to your insurance carrier and allow them to handle the matter for you.

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Consult with a Texas motor vehicle accident lawyer immediately.


I agree. You should contact your insurance company and let them know what happened.

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