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Who is FURNISHER in the FCRA? Are Credit Bureaus required to verify a debt with original creditor or just the collection agency?

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I have heard that Credit Bureaus are supposed to verify/validate a disputed debt with the original creditor, not just the collection agency who reported the debt to them; but I can not find a clear definition of “furnisher” in the Act.

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The Furnisher is the business that provides credit data about you to the credit reporting agency.
If the debt collector reported the data, they have to verify it. If the credit grantor reported about you, it would be their obligation to respond to your written dispute. Go to and click on the credit reporting tab for more details on how to dispute a trade line on your credit report. Feel free to give us a call.


The furnisher is the party who reported the information to the credit bureau.

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You are correct. A disputed debt must be investigated. The exception is where the bureau has a reasonable belief that the dispute is frivolous. The furnisher can be either the original creditor or collector, whoever reports the data to the credit bureau

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