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Who is best to negotiate the payoff of student loans?

Phoenix, AZ |

I have several student loans that total about $30k. I have never been in default and have been paying on these loans for 10+ years. The interest rate is 8.75%. I think I have paid over $30K to date on these loans. I am interested in finding a lawyer to negotiate a lump sum payoff that is less than the roughly $30k balance. Any suggestions or other things I might consider in doing this?

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I'm not the guy who can help you directly, but try calling Cindy Hynes at McCarthy Law, 602-456-8900.


Honestly, you are probably not going to get anywhere "negotiating" a payoff amount less than what you owe with federally guaranteed student loans (the vast majority are of this variety). A totally private loan? Maybe. But not a federal loan. You could certainly consolidate and lower your rate, but not negotiate a lower payoff.

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It is almost impossible to negotiate the student loans away. Good Luck.

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If you have not already consolidated your loans, try calling your lender and asking about consolidation. Sometimes by consolidating you can get a better rate, which could in turn lower your monthly payment.