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Who is at fault when wires are pulled from a house by a uhaul truck

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we rented a truck and the wires on the neighbors house were pulled down, only theirs, they were too low, there is a piece of siding that broke slightly and they want us to replace. Would it be our responsibility or the cable or electric companies, at one point we offered to repair now he states he will take us to court

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If you ran into the wires with the rented truck, it is likely your responsibility. Your liability auto insurance would likely take care of this or you could work out an informal resolution with your neighbor. It's unclear why he/she is threatening court if you offered to repair. Do you mean you were going to repair yourself? If so, I suggest you offer to pay for a reasonably priced repairman to fix it.

Good luck.


Some battles are simply not worth the effort to fight. You couldn't have rented the U-Haul truck unless you had a policy of insurance or you purchased a policy of insurance through U-Haul. Simply put the claim through your insurance and forget about it.

Let's say that the wires were lower than they should have been. The homeowner cannot be responsible because the homeowner has no access and therefore no responsibility for electric lines on the other side of his meter.

Even if the electric lines were so low that they violated local ordinance, it is unlikely that your property damage deductible is so high that it would be cheaper for you to hire experienced local counsel to litigate against the local electric utility company.

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The drive would be responsible for the damage if he acted outside the scope of his employment. The "we" in this case does it mean you and your wife? He who did the damage is responsible. If you offered to make repairs that is reasonable and the repairs must be done according to code. Go with that and make friends with your neighbor.


I would think that you would be responsible. Did you see the wires? Also, report the incident to your insurance carrier.


I agree with the other attorneys. Report the incident to your insurance and forget about it. If you weren't at fault or if the placement of the lines contributed to the incident, that is a battle they will fight for you.

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The driver of course. Report it to your insurance company to resolve. That's why we all have insurance.


Even if the wires were low you are responsible to make sure there was enough clearance. Insurance will pay for it -- you obviously did not cause any damage intentionally. You might also get along with your neighbor better if you do not fight this losing battle.