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Who has rights to the child

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My stepson came and stayed with us for a while. While here he got a call from his ex girlfriends sister that the ex girlfriend had dropped off his son and her other child and went back to Florida ether he needed to give her some money for her to keep him Because she could not afford diapers and stuff or he needed to go get him well he traveled to Tennessee an picked him up after he had him three months my stepson got killed in an accident . Well my stepsons mother has the baby now it has now been another month or month and a half the child's mother has called and said her mother and sister were coming to get the baby. Said she just signed her rights over to her sister can she do this

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Stepsons mother should consult with an attorney if she's interested in contesting this.

This answer is for general advice and does not create an attorney client relationship with James Mosteller or the Mosteller Law Firm LLC.


You have my sympathy. It's tough to be a grandparent in the middle of a custody problem.

You referred to Tennessee and Florida in your statement. It was unclear whether any court had ever entered an order regarding the child. Depending on what state entered that order, you should consult with a child custody lawyer in South Carolina, Tennessee, or Florida. From that starting point, your attorney will be able to advise you whether that state still has jurisdiction over the child and whether you may have any rights.

You have my best wishes.

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