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Who exactly is entitled to use County Easement area on my property frontage?

Sonoma, CA |

I have county property with a county easement where I pull into my driveway. We have shale across that easement, ( 50' frontage) to drive conveniently in to where mailbox is on the frontage. I want to move mailbox now, and move rocks across part of it to prevent drinkers, random cars from stopping there and parking as a pull out area. Area still available for utility trucks to service pole if needed. Neighbor argues he has right to have mailbox there if I don't place it somewhere where he can pull in with his car & not have to get out to get mail. Says that since it is a county easement, he can have it wherever he wants and that ANY citizen can use that county easement. I say it is my property, and only for county utility use. Who is entitled to the area? Don't want him to drive there.

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You have to consult a local attorney who can look up your lots, the easement documents, county maps, local ordinances and laws and then advise you. In my jurisdiction, for example, when the city is granted an easement for fire access, the public are perfectly allowed to use it for ingress and egress. This is localized stuff, you must consult a local attorney.

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