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Who does State of washington Durable Power of Attorney need to filed with ??

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I currently live in State of Washington (King County) . I'm downloading a Durable Power of Attorney and need to know if just having it notarized is all that needs to be done.... or does it have to be filed at a federal/state/county/etc municipality. If so, then who and where do I find the info for that ??? Thanks.......

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Generally Durable Powers of Attorney are not recorded, unless there is a plan to convey real estate using the authority of the power of attorney. Durable Powers of Attorney can give a variety of powers, such as the power to make medical decisions or the power to handle finances. These are very significant legal documents and should not be signed unless you are positive you understand their effect.

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I don't recommend that people file DPOA's unless the principal is missing, and then only maybe. I also don't recommend that people download forms off the internet and expect those forms to provide the use they are expecting. It is really sad when people show up in my office in a complete lather because the lease they downloaded is actually for property in PA, for example, and is basically unenforceable here.

Having an attorney do this for you is simple and fast. Please consider having this reviewed by counsel. But yes, it has to be notarized (acknowledged) but it does not need witnesses.
You can put copy in your car, and a copy laminated in plastic and in your freezer and then tell somebody where the original is. Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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