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Who do i report a slum lord to in orlando when the slum lord is an apartment complex

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I am sure the rules are different when applied to apartment housing. I have leaks in my bathroom and kitchen ceilings that have been there for a long time (kitchen 9 months, bathroom 2 weeks). the landlady sends maintenance to "check on the problem" and every time gives me a new excuse as to why it hasnt been remedied. i now have mold in both locations. i am also wheelchair bound and have requested SEVERAL times (first request 6 months ago) for a ramp entrance to the apartment and i keep getting the same excuse that she is waiting for approval. what do i do now?

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First, you should complain to him in writing about the problem(s) and send him a certified letter stating the problems via U.S.mail. You should include photographs of the problems if you have them. Next, you should wait 5-7 days for a response or for the necessary repairs to be made. If your landlord fails to respond, contact your local building inspector, health inspector, and your state's section 8 housing authority. You should also contact your local news and/or create a website and YouTube video.


You may also want to report your situation to Orange County and City of Orlando housing authorities. If you are unsure of your rights, you should consult an experienced real estate lawyer in your area.

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