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Who decides how much I receive for pain and suffering because since my rear end car accident I have not driven because;I cant

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I can not perform my job which is driving ;it is even hard to be a passenger in a vehicle. I still have severe headaches and I still fall down from my concussion. I am not the same person since the accident and today my therapist said I made a little progress but I would have these issues for the rest of my life.So because of the accident I may never drive again

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Ultimately, you decide how much you will settle for (hopefully with the advice of your attorney) or a jury will decide for you. It will be limited by the amount of available insurance coverage as well.


The jury decides how much you receive in Pennsylvania. Although your medical records and medical bills may be evidence of your pain and suffering, injured plaintiff's are not allowed to tell the jury what you think your case is worth. Instead the jury is free to use their own life experiences to determine what your pain and suffering is worth.

In addition to pain and suffering, you may also recover past and future medical bills, and past and future loss of income. Any other out of pocket expenses may also be reimbursed.

It sounds like you are really hurt, and I would be contacting a lawyer for a consultation asap if I were you.

good luck

If you were injured in an accident, here are some things you need to do:

1. Make sure you seek proper medical re

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I will try to answer your question and then I will provide some advice.

At the initial stage, the insurance company that insures the person who hit you will place a value on your claim. If that is insufficient, (and it almost certainly will if you're negotiating on your own), then you will have to litigate the claim. If it goes to a trial, then a judge or jury will determine what your case is worth.

It is important that you retain experienced counsel to assist you. The insurance companies will take your demand for settlement seriously. A good attorney will negotiate with any lienholders that may want to take part of your recovery. A good attorney will guide you through the process and answer your questions and make sure that you are properly compensated for your injuries and loss.

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It is my understanding that you are still treating for this accident. WHich means that the full value of this case is not clear yet


Concussion injuries can be very serious. Only you can agree to the settlement number. Retain a personal injury lawyer with a low contingency fee, less than 30%, so you don't get hurt twice.


You would agree to a settlement. Retain a good Avvo lawyer.


You should consult with an attorney as soon as possible, if you have not done so already.

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It sounds like you are going through a lot. Being involved in an accident is never pleasant.

If you have not yet, you need to retain a personal injury attorney to help you. Continue to treat with your medical providers to get better. Your attorney will assist you in valuing your case. Usually this becomes easier once you complete your treatment.

The insurance carrier will also evaluate the worth of your claim. Your attorney will of course try to maximize your recovery and the insurance carrier will try to minimize your recovery. If you are unable to agree on a settlement, a jury may ultimately decide if and how much you are awarded.

Best of luck to you.

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Noah Paul Fardo gave you a very good answer. In addition your lawyer would try to settle the case for you before it got to trial. You would have to agree to the settlement. The amount of the policy limits of any applicable insurance policies also would have some bearing. There are also a few other variables. You really need to sit down with an attorney and discuss this in more detail.

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