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Who can be an Executor of someone's Estate? If it is the deceased child can they transfer property deeds to themselves?

Baltimore, MD |

I have to open an Estate account on my moms behalf. I will be in charge of everything. I need to transfer all of her properties into my name? Also can I do that without opening on Estate? It iis only my sister and I, she never married, my sister does not contest anything.

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I would hire a probate attorney to make sure that your sister provides an airtight disclaimer. Otherwise, you could be in for a major mess, down the road. If this is done, then the rest of your situation should be easy to sort out.

James Frederick

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You need to open the estate to transfer any property. Your sister will need to consent to you being the personal representative. Contact an estate administration/probate attorney who can best advise you on how to proceed.

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I see that your statement says "I will be in charge of everything." That is not true UNLESS your Mom named you as the Executor of her Will or Probate Estate. Definitely make an appointment with a Probate attorney, then have the attorney begin the Probate procedure so you can move smoothly through the process. Good Luck !!


You need advice and counsel! Nothing can be transferred without opening an Estate, and having a Personal Representative appointed. This is required even if everyone is in agreement. This is something we routinely handle in Baltimore City.

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