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Who can access my sealed CORI record?

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I had my record sealed. I was arrested for 3 felonies. Indicted for 5 felonies and ultimately plead guilty to 5 misdemeanors. I had my record sealed in June 2012 after the new law was enacted. No one knows about my past and I have kept it hidden from everyone including my family. My son wants me to volunteer at his school for an upcoming field trip and volunteer in his Cub-scout Pack both require I pass a CORI check. Will they be able to see my sealed record? I am afraid to fill out the paperwork. What should I do? None of the convictions were for sex crimes. The convictions were for 5 counts of assault and battery. Telling them before they find out is not an option.

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If you seal your CORI, then potential employers, public housing agencies, even schools, and anyone else outside the criminal justice system will not be able to view it or have access to it. After your CORI is sealed you can truthfully state that you have never been arrested or charged with a crime. Remember however, that the courts, police and law enforcement can still view your CORI even if it is sealed. I hope this helps.

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Note that a sealed record is utterly irrelevant should you apply for a firearms license. Answering "NO" to Questions 6, 7, and 10 will get you a denial and, possibly, a criminal charge for filing a false answer.

And no; saying you thought a sealed CORI allowed you to answer "NO" will not fly.

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Your son's school will not be able to see a sealed CORI, nor will the Cub Scouts. Access to sealed CORI is limited to law enforcement entities (i.e. police departments, the courts, district attorneys offices), and the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).

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