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Who at fault cause my friend car is totaled so he saying the guy who hit him from behind should pay for his car?

Colorado Springs, CO |

In Colorado my friends son was driving his car and came to a stop light and seen he didn't stop at the line so he puts it in reverse as doing so someone comes and hits him from behind and he hits a wall and the car flips over now the guy who hit him says he hit him but says it was my friends son's fault cause he backed up he shoulder just ran the light so my question is who at fault cause my friend car is totaled so he saying the guy who hit him from behind should pay for his car ?

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Based on your facts both parties could be found at fault. I agree, your friend needs to talk with a local personal injury attorney ASAP before talking to or making any statements to any insurance company.

Good luck.

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He needs to get a personal injury asap. Do not make any statements to your insurance or their insurance company.



whats a personal injury? i know he broke his collarbone

David B Pittman

David B Pittman


Excure me, personal injury lawyer.


Usually the car coming from behind is at fault. However, since your friend's son was driving in reverse that generalization might not apply here. Your friend's son should talk to his insurance company. If he's hurt, he should talk to a personal injury lawyer. Avoid talking to the insurance company for the driver of the other vehicle.


Lawyers can't determine fault from a short Avvo posting. If he was injured, he should speak with a local personal injury lawyer, and if not, let the insurance company resolve.

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There is no easy, cut n dry answer here.


Your friend needs to consult with a personal injury attorney.

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