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Who are the local attorneys that handle defamation of character,libal and slander cases in Florida, not personal injury alone?

Quincy, FL |

I was accused of a DUI in fl., but went to jury trial and had the case dismissed because when the courts found that I was'nt the driver, and the officer filed false documents to the courts, all charges were dismissed. The officer had to falsify documents in order to charge me because there was a person in the vehicle with me whom had previously told the officer that they were operating the vehicle.When the officer pulled behind the car, it was not started, and we were sitting in a parking lot listening to music.

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Use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool to find a local civil rights lawyer. Good luck.

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I would call this "malicious prosecution," not defamation. Use the AVVO tool or get a referral from the Florida Bar or someone else you know in your area.

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I agree and would consult with a Civil Rights attorney. Use AVVO to find a qualified attorney near you.

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