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Who are the leading criminal defense lawyers in the Houston area in terms of winning the most when it comes to assault charges ?

Houston, TX |

I am looking for the absolute best out there and have been unable to dig this information by just plain web searches.

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You should contact the local bar association for a recommendation.

Austin Family Violence Lawyer

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In addition to the excellent suggestion about contacting the local Bar Association you could also go down to the courthouse and do a search in the court files for people who have similar charges and see who their attorneys were and what the result was in each of their cases. After that you MUST go and personally interview each of these attorneys and ask them pointed questions in regards to your case and their experience. Good luck with this matter.

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Anybody can tell you they are the best. You need to start researching Houston attorneys online and narrow down a handful that you want to interview. Take the time necessary to make this important decision.

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Mark Bennett is a good place to start.


Start on this website for those who have good recommendations from clients. You cannot really run a search such as you suggest, and you need to bear in mind that "winning" can mean several different things - some people are "innocent", some not guilty, and others guilty as hell and need to minimize what happens to them. So, a win can mean the case goes away, it is won at trial, or the person avoids prison......

Cynthia Henley

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