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Whistleblower for FDA violation?

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I person works for a medical manufacturer plant. People allow product that is dirty to be push down as good product which violates a certain standard with the FDA. Can this worker report this? What kind of evidence is needed audio and/or video?

Can there be a whistle-blower claim for a FDA violation?

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The worker can report this violation to the FDA. The FDA website should have information on how to report a violation and what type of evidence is required. The worker may have a whistleblower claim against the employer if he or she is fired, demoted or treated differently at work because he or she reported a violation.

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There may be what is called a Qui Tam lawsuit if any of the product is sold to the government or is paid for with medicare funds. If so, there is the possibility of a large reward to you for reporting the problem. You need to contact an attorney who handles cases for medical billing fraud.


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Thank you for standing up for what is right. I know it's a very difficult position to be in. For more information about whistleblowers and their rights, please see my Avvo guide:

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