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While off work and on workers comp. can employer cancel your family medical ins?

Lawrenceburg, TN |

I have been off work with workers comp. since Dec. 2012. I am receiving my TTD check. I have been paying for my family medical ins. Now my employer says they have dropped my medical ins. and I need to pay for Cobra Ins. for my family. Can they do this?

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See the chart on the attached link. "The following is a list of qualifying events and the maximum number of months that coverage may be extended."


Unfortunately, yes. At present, there is no state in the country that protects your group health insurance.

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I suspect the answer is, yes. I am an attorney in Pennsylvania, not in Tennessee. But in most states, there is no obligation for an employer to continue your medical insurance when you are no longer working. The employer must continue to be responsible for any work-related medical bills (i.e. for the medical bills for treatment of the injury you sustained on the job). But they can terminate your regular medical coverage and you would have to pick up the payments through COBRA.

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