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Which route should I take? eviction or domestic violence?

Glendale, CA |

Everytime I ask my former-boyfriend to leave my aparment (rent is under my name and I pay not him) he is yelling and calling me names. To a point that I am scared even to sleep in my house, I sleep on the floor of my living room. What should I do? which route I should take? eviction or domestic violence. I am also scared that when he is yelling at me he could have an heart attack, he had 5 by-passes 3 yrs ago. I do not wish to be responsible. I just returned from my long deployment, asked him numerous time to leave he is refusing it. I asked him 10 months ago when I was home for leave, but he refused. Please help and guide me. I reside in Glendale CA. Thank you.

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You must be fearful for your own safety to get a domestic violence restraining order. If you are afraid for your safety it is get the restraining order. Otherwise you will need to serve him a 60 day notice to get out and then file an unlawful detainer action.

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I would recommend she change the locks (if he has a spare key) and sleep elsewhere for a day or two. Or have a friend over at night. ASAP get that restraining order THERE IS NO REASON TO WAIT. Do that first, the eviction takes longer. A R.O. can be done within 24 hours, go to a judge. Now, don't wait.


You should consult with an attorney about what specifically makes your scared. I understand he yells and calls you names. Discussing the domestic violence issue with an attorney should be your next step. There are attorneys that offer a free consultation. Based on what may or may not be domestic violence, an eviction may be necessary. It is difficult to give a detailed analysis on these posts in a situation like this. If you found the response helpful, please click the helpful tab.

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Do both. Legally, your boyfriend does not have the right to be in your apartment. He is not even leasing it from you.

Move his stuff to a storage unit, change the locks and file for a restraining order. Have your attorney contact him with the storage unit information with instructions on how to get his stuff. All communication should go through your attorney.