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Which family state law applies to my marriage if we live in different states?

Albany, GA |

I live in California but my wife is living in texas. We met through a convention back 2 years ago. And after few courtships we got married in Las Vegas. But we still live apart. Which family law applies to our marriage?


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I am not sure why you posted that you live in California, and claim also to live in Georgia. But unless you are seeking a divorce, there is no "law" to apply. Try reposting your question and tell us what you are trying to find out. Be sure to post in the correct state. Your question as posted does not make sense.

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There aren't "marriage" laws. The state for a divorce (if that is what you meant to ask about) will depend on additional information. Either way, it doesn't appear that Georgia has ANYTHING to do with your marriage.

Consider re-posting your question with more information (such as what time of "law" you're considered about). Post it once in California and again in Texas.

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The state law that will govern your marriage depends on where each person lives, how long he or she has lived there and what type of relief you are seeking. If you are interested in a divorce, it is very likely you would need to sue her in the county of her residence. If you two were to reside together in one state and she were to relocate within 6 months of the filing of any action for divorce or legal separation, the state of your marital residence would maintain jurisdiction of the case. However, since you have not lived together, there is nothing tying her to your home state which means she would have the right to be sued in her state and county of residence. Nevada law would have no impact on your relationship, unless one of you lived there.

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