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Which document takes precedence?

Conyers, GA |

I'm entering into a lease purchase agreement. The realtor assisting has sent me 3 separate agreements from the Seller. A Lease/Purchase Agreement, Lease for Lease/Purchase Agreement Exhibit "B", and Lease Agreement giving tenant option to purchase leased property Exhibit A. should I have to sign all three? Are they contradictory? Which document takes precedence?

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How could we know? There is no possible way to answer as we don't have the documents. For a transaction like this, you need to have all documents reviewed by a lawyer.


Would you ask a lawyer which house is the best one to buy? Probably not, because they are not trained or licenses to sell houses. Trusting a realtor to create or provide appropriate documents is a risky proposition. Lawyers are trained and practiced in reviewing documents and determining if they cover all the risks and obligations for the client in a particular situation. To give you the answer in your case requires a knowledge of your situation, and also a review of the particular documents. While it may add to the complexity of a transaction, hiring an attorney to help review documents could save you many thousands of dollars later. I strongly recommend that you at least consult with a good attorney who can listen to your facts and take a look at the documents and what they say. Only then can you get specific advice on your situation.

I am providing general information on the law only, and no attorney-client relationship exists by virtue of this exchange. You can not rely upon this as formal legal advice. If you require specific legal advice, you must hire an attorney and then your communications will be protected by attorney-client privilege, and you will have the benefit of an opinion of counsel. Call 770-753-9995 for a free evaluation.


I would strongly advise you to contact an attorney for a full consultation who will review the documents thoroughly. I am always Leary of lease purchase. So please have an attorney do their due diligence to ensure you are protected.

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