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Which county in NYS takes the shortest time to process uncontested divorce ?

New York, NY |

I have already filed uncontested divorce four months ago in Queens County and I need to get divorce ASAP. so I am thinking of withdrawing my current case and file it upstate. My question is which county in you opinion process divorce in the shortest time?

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Although you do get to choose the venue (county) under CPLR section 509 I recommend that you don't do anything. Your divorce should be granted soon. Although the smaller upstate counties are faster they don't like it when outsider come in to file. They can intentionaly sit on your papers for 60 days.


You don't get to pick and choose. Venue is in the county you live in.

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It depends upon the judge you get - in Westchester it has been possible in some cases to get a divorce processed within two weeks - Putnam is also very fast. But venue isn't a choice - at least in most circumstances.

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The problem is that your judgment may get signed any day now, as Queens usually takes about 4 months to sign. If you wishdraw & start the proces all over again, it will simply delay you getting a divorce by another several months.

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Queens is running 4 months behind the filing. However, if you're in a big rush , you can make a motion to expedite. too bad you didn't ask this question 4 months ago! Lol


Actually, Queens is running anywhere from 6 to 9 months behind. It moves in cycles. We just had a shake up in the matrimonial judges as well so maybe things will hit a stride. If you need to get divorced ASAP, depending on your situation, you can make an application for preference. This bumps you to the head of the line and is your fastest option (if you meet the criteria). Otherwise, refiling anywhere may just add to your time. And PS. the lawyers saying you must file in your county should review CPLR 509. So long as the parties agree, you may select alternate venue.



I filed a motion to expedite based on the reason that immigration needs to see my divorce b4 they make their decision to grant me Green card, bt apparently its not good enough for the lazy judge.