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Where online can I locate my articles of incorporation? We recently relocated from NY to CA and need to open a bank account.

Santa Clarita, CA |

We have the original corp. kit, including our seal. However, my Wife was later added as President and I would like for her to actually open and manage this bank account in CA. Please advise which web site would allow us to simply input our corporate number and obtain that information.

Thank you,

Gary GAbriel

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If your corporation was organized under the laws of the State of New York, then you need to contact the New York Department of State for a certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation. If the Corporation was organized under California law, then you will contact the California Secretary of State. Take a look at the web links below where you can look up the corporate numbers if that is all you are looking for. If you wish to operate a New York corporation from California, you will need to qualify that NY corporation to do business in California. Be sure to consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.

Robin Mashal

Robin Mashal

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Adding just a bit to Mr. Mashal's response, in California, the Secretary of State website does not allow online access to filings, so you would need to submit a records order form to obtain a copy of your Articles of Incorporation. There will be a small fee and a processing time. You can search the Secretary of State website for processing times for copies and other documents. It looks like about a three-week turnaround time unless you have your request personally delivered.

It looks like New York uses a similar process.


You can't get your NY Articles of Incorporation online. And the online information (second link below) does not have the officers or articles themselves, only the name of the corporation, the date the certificate was filed, and the name and address of the agent for service of process (if any)

As the other attorneys have said, you have to order copies of the Articles from the NYS Department of State Bureau of Corporations IN WRITING BY MAIL TO THE BUREAU OF CORPORATIONS ADDRESS. I've included a more specific link with instructions below. Note that you can use a credit card authorization form, and MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR 24 HOUR EXPEDITED SERVICE or you will wait WEEKS for your request for copies to be fulfilled. The credit card link is on the first page of instructions if you don't want to send a check for the copies and expedited service. Mark the outside of the envelope "EXPEDITED SERVICE".

You can check for the correct name of the Corporation on the second NYS DOS link; it will be helpful to make sure you ask for the correct corporate name.

As others have said, you will also have to file as a foreign corporation doing business in California with the California Secretary of State.

You will need both the Articles of Incorporation and the IRS letter granting you an Employer Identification Number (as well as the by-laws or Articles listing officers) to open a bank account.

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Many times a bank will require a separate banking resolution so that you can designate who is authorized to sign on behalf of the corporation. In all instances, you will need your taxpayer ID number, which is used to file your tax return each year (this is different than your state corporation number). If you go to the bank where you would like to open the account (or call them), they will give you a list of documents which you need to provide.

If you need your taxpayer ID number (EIN or TIN), then you will need to call up the IRS and fax them an authorization in order to receive a copy of this info.

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