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Where is number,date of Certificate of Citizenship and Alien Registration Number ?

Astoria, NY |

My husband has Certificate of Citizenship. He will fill out I-130 for me.Part B question number 13.

It said "If you are U.S. citizen,complete the following:
My citizenship was acquired though(check one)
-Birth in U.S.
-Parents.Have you obtained a certificated of citizenship in your own name? Give certificate number,date and place of issuance"

My husband was not born in U.S.He does not get Naturalization certificated. He obtained a certificated of citizenship when he was 17 years old. He became a citizen through his parents. He confused which number and date should he fill out on I-130 Part B question number 13. Because there are 2 numbers and 2 dates.

Is the citizenship certificate number is his Alien Registration Number? Which one is his Alien Registration Number ?

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The A number begins with the letter "A". The Certificate itself should also have a number that is different from the "A" number.