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Where does one go when HR is involved with a false investigation, or an investigation stemming from other than job performance?

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I'm in a supervisory position and there have been corrective measures taken with an individual to the extent of final warning. I've found out the employee is very close to an HR supervisor and they have been compiling a folder of anything they believe to be some sort of infraction on my part, trying to bring about a case to have me fired. My two direct managers tell me there is nothing to worry about, but it's uncomfortable to be doing my job and feel there may be repercussions from making others accountable for their action.

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This really isn't a crminal defense issue, it's really a labor/employment issue and if you're concerned that the HR supervisor is conducting an unauthorized investigation of you in violation of company policy, you should bring the matter to the attention of the VP or other person that oversees the HR department. If you are concerned that what they're doing is criminal in nature, however, you can always go to the police, however I could urge you to be extremely cautious before doing so and you should make sure you have some sort of rational basis for making such a report. You should discuss this matter with an attorney before you take any sort of action.

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