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Where does a speed limit begin?

Mc Cook, NE |

I got pulled over right outside of town on a highway where the speed limit was 65 MPH. The speed limit in town is 45 MPH. The 65 MPH speed limit sign is about 1/4 mile out of town. I started accelerating as soon as I could see the sign. He pulled me over about a mile later and gave me a ticket for 60 in a 45. Is there any way that this will hold up in court?

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Were you going 60 before you passed the sign? If so, I give it a good chance of being upheld. However, I would recommend you pleading not guilty and giving the judge your story. You might get lucky.

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One would think that the sign applies at the point of the road the sign is standing.
That does not mean you don;t have any other legal defenses.
Keep looking:)

This is not legal advice. If order to give you legal advice i would need to see the Tickets and talk to the court first. Good luck:)


The new speed begins at the sign. So, if you were speeding before the sign it is illegal. We are happy to offer you a free initial consultation to talk about the case. Give us a call at 402-455-1711 to set up a time to talk. We have been in business for almost 25 years and fight hard for the people we represent.