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Where do the arrears go for child support?

Phoenix, AZ |

How do I find out where my husbands arrears for child support goes? He is unsure if it goes to the state of Arizona or if it goes to her. He is trying to get a hold of DES and is unable to get a live person. Is there another way to find out where the money goes? The ex won't be of any help.

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It depends if you receive state assistance or not. If you did, some or all of the arrears go to the state, against the benefits they provided you. If not, the arrears go to his ex wife.

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My husband does not receive state assitance, but she does.

Celia R Reed

Celia R Reed


My mistake. If the ex-wife receives state assistance, some or all of the arrears may go to the state.


You might also try calling the child support payment clearinghouse, they may be able to give you a better answer on where the money is going.

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If the ex-wife received cash benefits (not food stamps or AHCCCS) for a child that she and your husband have in common, arrears first go to the state to pay back the money the state paid to your ex-wife. Once the debt to the state is satisfied and any associated fees paid, the remaining arrears payments go to the ex-wife.

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