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Where do I go to fill out Form 918 supplement B for the U immigration Visa?

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I have an acquaintance that is filling out form i 918 for the U immigration Visa. She has been the victim of domestic abuse about 8 yrs ago that put her in the hospital and abuser did go to jail, currently has a restraining order. She is very low income and unfortunately cannot hire a lawyer to help her out but she would like to know how she can get form i918 supplement B filled out by an "agency" as the form instructs. Does she simply go to the local police department or courthouse or what?

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she can go to her case manager, the DA who prosecuted the case, even now that CIS is attempting to broaden the type of people who can do that the judge in the case, or a police commander where the incident happen can all do that for her.


The law enforcement agency that prosecuted the abuser.

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I agree with my colleague. Also, if your county has Victim's Advocate (or similarly sounded), that agency is a great resource for U visa cases. As for the U visa filing, there are pro-bono attorneys or non-profit organizations out there, willing to assist for victims like her. Good luck

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My colleagues are right, you would have to contact the District Attorney that prosecuted the case.

Debbi Lee Klopman

Debbi Lee Klopman


Sometimes, the ADA who handles domestic violence will also be the one who handles U Visas. Most have been very helpful in going through old case files and making a favorable determination on the 918b


Typically the Assistant District Attorney in Harris County who handled her case. My worry is that this ADA may no longer be there, or not as eager to sign the form and support her since its been 8 years. Harris County has become somewhat lackluster in supporting Form I-918 (U) visas unfortunately for no explicable reason since the last 1 1/2 years. Further, usually prosecutors are very eager to solicit the assistance of victims on cases they are working on but once the case is closed they may not be as eager or prompt to respond. Notwithstanding, I would still give it a try and wish you good luck. By the way, the Houston YMCA (Westpark) or Catholic Charities (downtown) often provide pro bono (free) or very low fee assistance for someone like your friend. Good luck.

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