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Where do I go in goldboro, nc to find if my father had a will made?

Goldsboro, NC |

He just died on aug.17, 2012, and I was always told of a will,but wasn't really sure?

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I am sorry for your loss. I would suggest looking through his home...look in his nightstand, closet, file cabinets, all the typical places you would think to find private documents, as well as under the bed, in boxes, etc. If you don't find the will, you may end up finding an attorney's business card whom you could then call. Your other option is to contact the Estate Department at the Courthouse in the County where your father lived. Sometimes, people file their original wills there for safe keeping. Finally, if he had a safe deposit box you may find it there. Keep in mind, if his name was the only name on the safe deposit box, without an Estate File open, you will need a Court Order to open the safe deposit box. Good luck.

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