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Where do I find a lawyer to help out with private US student loan disbursement fraud for a Caribbean med school?

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I went to a Caribbean medical School in Curacao (Netherland-Antilles). I applied for a private student loan through the School and with my brother as a cosigner I was able to secure $75K in loans (~35K for the Theory part and ~35K for the practical clinical rotations in the US). When I was ready to do the Clinical Rotations in the US, the school went bankrupt (after all my Student loans were disbursed). As a result I had to transfer out to another Caribbean School, and borrow money from family.

After a year or so, my original school was bought over by someone and is running again. I want them to either pay my fees for Clinical Rotations or pay back the balance of my loan on which I am still paying interest on. I have email proof that the original management got funds.

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This is a question best asked of a lawyer licensed to practice in Aruba. The lawyers here are licend in the various state in the US and cannot answer unless they are also licensed to prace law in Aruba. Sorry.

Also, this is not really an education question. Unfortunately, the folks at Avvo no longer permit the attorneys to change the practice areas so instead of directing your question to those who can best answer, we must ask you to repost your question and label it more appropriately in order to attract the attorneys who can best answer your question.

This problem happens very frequently now that Avvo thinks the lawyers are not responsible enough to recognize the correct topic of the question.