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Where do i claim my bail money?

Brentwood, NY |

Hello, I posted bail for myself the night I was arrested, I went to court the first time and I also went a second time, I was granted an ACOD with the condition of 7 hours of community service and taking a class ( I have completed both). After my second court date I was told by the judge my bail money will be mailed to me (this was in october). It is now february, where do I claim it? This all happened in Nassau County NY, and I live in suffolk county.
Do I call the courts or the pecint?

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call the clerk of the court in which you paid your bail.


It sounds like you want to contact the Criminal Cashier's Office at the Nassau County District Court in Hempstead. The number is available online.

Yours truly,

Tom Kenniff



And just out of curiosity- do they mail a check? Is that how it works?



Re anonymous above this is a Nassau county ny question


The return of bail does take some time. But you have been waiting too long. The first question for you to ask is whether the bail was exonerated. You should call the Nassau County Criminal Court Clerk and ask them if your bail was exonerated. If it has not been, then it will not be returned to you. Do not worry, if it has not been exonerated there is nothing you have to do to get it exonerated. Next contact the Department of Finance in Nassau County to get the status of the return of the bail.

You will need the docket number of your case and the receipt number on the bail receipt.

Good Luck.

Carl Spector


You go to the clerk of the court where you were granted diversion. They have to refund your Bond money unless there were costs that you haven't paid for.

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