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Where can we find and view an example of a character reference letter to a federal judge?

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Going to write a character reference letter for a loved one who is going to appear in federal court for sentencing. Where can we find and view an example of a good character reference letter to a federal judge?

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You can Google "character reference letter for court" and find several examples. Here is one site I found.
The best suggestion I can give is be truthful and write from your heart. Copying a sample is not going to feel real to the Judge. The Court will be impressed by you stating how you know the Defendant and why you think they are a good person. Tell the Court how the person has changed since their arrest and the good things you have seen.

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The purpose of the character reference letter is to give the judge some insight on the kind of person the defendant is. Thus, a truly personal statement is likely to be more persuasive than general statements copied from a sample. You should also date the letter (I once heard a judge remark that he hated undated letters because he did not know if it was a current statement or one from ten years ago).

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I agree specificallly with the wise comment of Attorny Juo. Undated letters I have heard get ignored.

Good luck to you!