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Where can I go to get help if I am a victim of domestic violence?

Richmond, VA |

If I need a help, where can I go to seek advice or even removing myself from this situation? Are there any organizations that help people like me?


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There are a lot of organizations that help out someone in your situation. I don't know what's available in your area, but they are definitely available. Most localities have a Victim/Witness Assistance Program as well.

Also, if you have been the victim of violence, you should contact the police. Not only will they assist in bring the perpetrator to justice, they can also provide you with resources as well.


There is help. Whether you need advice on how to get out of a bad relationship or you need a safe roof over your head immediately, there are people in your area that will assist - no questions asked. I suggest you find a way to the local library to do a quick internet search, or in the alternative use a friend's computer. Definitely do not use a computer you share with your abuser.

The YWCA in your area apparently has a 24-hour crisis line: 804-643-0888 is the number. I don't know anyone associated with that organization, nor can I vouch for it, but it's a start.

Best of luck.

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