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Where can I go to find a listing of companies that hire people with Felony records?

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I committed a crime due to a chemical imbalance and pleaded guilty due to my court appointed attorney's advisement. I suppose I have to live with now but now I am looking for employment although having it on my record. Where can I go to get help with finding a job while having this conviction on record? This crime took place in less than a year.

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This answer depends on what you were convicted of. A drug or alcohol offense is one thing, but a violent crime or theft is something that many employers just want to steer clear of, especially when they are in the driver's seat with an economy like this.

There isn't necessarily a list of companies that hire people convicted of felonies; it's not something most of them want to advertise to their customers. Here are some basic rules:
- Medium and large size companies are likely out. They do extensive background checks and are just unwilling to the take the risk with a convict, but your conviction may not fall into the class of things they are worried about.
- Try contacting the TX Board of Pardons and Parole. They may be able to connect you with local job agencies.
- Apply with state, county, and city agencies. Some local counties have even held job fairs for folks with criminal records (Tarrant and Travis off the top of my head. don't know about harris...)
- Use any personal or family connections you may have.
- Contact the Texas Workforce Commission. They connect folks with criminal records to employers who hire them. There is a tax break for companies who hire convicts; there may be placements with these companies.

Here are some good resources I found online:

Above all else, you are going to have to get out there and hustle. No one is going to cut you a break and you are going to have to go above and beyond to show that you are not the person on your criminal history printout. There's no real road map for what your facing. Get out there and work it and don't get caught up in rejection. Good luck.


Go to the local employment agency and see if they have a list. Talk to individual companies - like owners who do fencing, home repairs, lawn maintenance.

If you got a deferred adjudication and served it out, when the statute of limitations run, you can seal your record so that the only people who can see it is law enforcement - not potential employers.

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