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Where can I get financial help, (advise), if I don't have any funds to pay for help?

Louisville, KY |

I am very behind with my finances due to a job transition. I have been borrowing from Peter to pay Paul for several months now (actually that means cash advances from my bank) and now i have exhausted all resources. I have no where to turn. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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Try the financial self-help websites like Or yahoo finance or kiplingers. They all have sections on debt management. However, if you have exhausted all your resources and there is no hope for a turnaround, then you should seek the counsel of a bankruptcy attorney.

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Thanks for your prompt reply!-----I filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and am not looking to do anything that drastic. I am just behind with about 1,200 worth and just looking for a short term fix. Thanks again!