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Where can I get a good Federal EEOC lawyer who can represent me on a contingency basis in my upcoming hearing with the AJ?

Twentynine Palms, CA |

I'm a former Federal Employee . I pursued my own defense (self-appointed Lawyer). After many threats and attempts by the agency to throw me off my game, the EEOC Admin Judge had acknowledged my case. Now, the agency offered me a settlement, because they know I have enough evidence to win in the courts of law. The agency’s (base) attorney never responded after I gave him 2 options while representing myself.

I strongly feel that, if I have a good Lawyer who would take the time to fight for me then, I will have a better chance for a better/just settlement. I am only living off of my husband's Military Retirement pay hence I am looking for an experienced Federal Lawyer who can represent me on a contingency basis.

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Use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" feature to locate attorneys who practice in the right geographical area and subject field (federal civil rights litigation, employment law litigation). Get a short list together and make initial contact to schedule consultations to determine which of potential suitables are interested and available and willing to accept the case on your terms.

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