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Where can I find the forms for a Missouri step-parent adoption?

Chula, MO |

My husband and I are looking into filing an uncontested step-parent adoption. All parties reside in Livingston County, Missouri. I would like to file the case myself, if possible, as we are on a limited budget. In many other states, the necessary documents for step-parent adoption can be found online through the court system. Thus far, I have had no luck locating the documents for Missouri through any official court source. (The clerk at our local courthouse was confused by the request for forms, and told me that they would "accept whatever documents I filed" which I think may not be true...)

Can I use the documents from other states and modify them to suit our needs? Or should I use a document preparation company? (I'm hesitant to do so, as there are many scams.)

Thank you!!! :-)

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Attorney answers 1


I realize that you may be on a tight budget but I would consult with an adoption attorney to at least get an overview of the process. Each State has a different adoption Statute and this type of Statute tends to be very particular in terms of the requirements. I would call the local Bar Association for a referral. Best of luck to you.

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